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Club Details

Maes Dafydd, Dulais Road
Dulais Road, Seven Sisters, Neath, SA10 9EY
Tel. (01639) 700354
E-Mail Us –


Established in 1897
Affiliated To The Welsh Rugby Union; West Wales Union;
The Glamorgan County R.F.C;
Afan Nedd & Neath & District Rugby Union
Home: Black with Green & White Hoop & Green Sleeves
Away: Red with White Lightning Stripes
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Season 2008/09

Senior Teams train on Tuesday and Thursday evenings
at Maes Dafydd, meeting at 6.30. All new players are welcome
Youth Team trains on Monday and Thursday evenings
at Maes Dafydd, meeting at 6.30. All new players are welcome

  • Head Coach – James Davies
  • Backs Coach – Alan Flowers
  • First Aid – Delwyn Howell
  • First Team Manager – Gwyn Thomas
  • First XV Captain – Daniel Thomas
  • First XV Vice Captain – James Brown
  • Second XV Captain – Simon Griffiths
  • Second XV Vice Captain
  • Youth Coach – Stephen ‘Zippy’ Evans
  • Youth Ass. Coach – David ‘Tank’ Jones
  • Youth Team Captain – Keegan Davies
  • Youth Team Vice Captain – Julian Elkins
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[Laughs] You know, just as a man of color, as an Asian

It’s been decades since he’s been given a chance to shine like this, and he blows the doors off in a part that seems to have been custom made for him. Stripped of all vanity (Maurice even submits to a prostate exam), O’Toole delivers a master class, submitting to lots of invasive close ups that highlight those inextinguishable blue eyes. His brief scenes with his ex wife, played by Vanessa Redgrave, should be studied by acting students.

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Thus your visualization builds belief about where the ball

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Wins for unit and did pretty well over the weekend so I think

Griffin’s leaf nosed bat was only just discovered by startled researchers in Vietnam, where it haunts the jungles like its Schwarzenegger stalking face buddy. The mandibular meat explosion that passes for the creature’s face is actually a radar tool that helps the bat to focus its echolocation calls. Experts were able to determine that it had a unique frequency to its calls that differentiated it enough from the other bats in its genus to make it a distinct species..

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Five days later, Diana told Division of Family and Child

This article looks at the method of using the power of your mind to affect your overall health. I’m going to share with you the power of your thoughts. As with any power, it can be used for good or bad. On Friday canada goose, January 14 are for Actors’ Equity members only. Are open to all auditioners (auditioners must be 18 years old or older). The audition slots are limited to three minutes..

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Canada Goose Parkas Meskipun menjadi sehat untuk sebagian besar masa kecilnya, ia jatuh sakit parah pada musim dingin tahun 1984, dan didiagnosis dengan AIDS selama penghapusan parsial paru paru. Penyakit masih pada tahap awal dari pemahaman, terkait secara eksklusif dengan komunitas gay New York dan San Francisco mana itu pertama telah didiagnosis, dan hanya baru baru ini terkait dengan HIV virus. Dengan demikian, tes HIV yang jarang dan banyak dari suplai darah itu dinodai (diperkirakan bahwa hampir 90% dari hemophiliacs yang diobati antara tahun 1979 dan 1984 menjadi terinfeksi HIV). Canada Goose Parkas

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Don’t forget this year’s “they didn’t wear them back then

It’s healed enough where I can play and come back. I’m sure there will be a little bit of pain through the course of the next couple weeks but it’s nothing I haven’t outworked before.”Kane played on a line with Sam Reinhart and Kyle Okposo and was a significant factor in the overtime period. He led all forwards with 22:9 of ice time and of his six shot attempts, two were on net.”We had opportunities but I think our overall play could have been a lot cleaner,” Kane said.

cheap nfl jerseys If we’d lost those two leaders you wouldn’t be talking about Dublin hurling today. “I told delegates, you can’t do this to this team because otherwise we won’t have a team in 12 months. We won the vote anyway but when I heard a Kilkenny official say in the paper after that Dublin were one of the teams for the future, I told him that he had some cheek; if he had his way we’d be down in Division Two with no team.” He has a wishlist. cheap nfl jerseys

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